Media shipping process

It is important to pack up your media in a protective container to prevent additional breakage during shipping. In addition to that, we recommend you to use the "express" service to avoid additional handling. MicroExpert assumes no responsibility for stolen, broken equipment, data lost or any damage due to transport.

Listed below are the materials you might need to send us the material as figured out in the picture:

  • The filled-in and signed evaluation request form.
  • A case, at least 3 to 4 times larger than the media to protect it properly.
  • An antistatic bag or aluminum foil.
  • Adhesive tape (big and large).
  • Newspaper, air bubble plastic or popcorn styrofoam to protect the media (from stuffing).
  • A black marker or a printed tag to write down the two addresses.
  1. Before you get started, make sure your media is ready; make sure the form has been completely filled-in - you might need the media's information to fill out the form (model, serial number etc.).
Hard drive
Antistatic bag
  1. Pack-up your media in an antistatic bag or in aluminum foil.
  1. Prepare your shipping case and fill it in the bottom with stuffing (newspaper, air bubble plastic or popcorn styrofoam).
  1. Place your media in the shipping case and fill in the remaining space with stuffing. Make sure stuffing is compact; shaking the case and turning it from right to left, from top to the bottom without hearing the media move indicates that enough stuffing has been filled inside the case.
  1. Tape the case shut with adhesive tape.
Close the box

4360, Iberville, Local 213
Montréal, QC, H2H 2L8

  1. Write our address.
  2. Write down your return address.
  3. If you have a job ticket number, you can write it down on the shipping case to accelerate the process.